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Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott

[S7E12] Birds Of A Feather VERIFIED

Convorees (singular: convor),[4] also known as Trandoshan birds[6], were a species of beautiful, regal, and elegant owl.[7] They were native to the moon Wasskah,[3] but could be found in several places across the galaxy, including the planets Atollon, Malachor,[8] and Takodana.[9]

[S7E12] Birds of a Feather

Convorees had two eyes, two wings, a beak,[4] a prehensile tail, and a gold and brown plumage. In fact, convorees were very similar in appearance to Kiros birds from the planet Kiros, who also possessed grabbing tails. The two species could be differentiated by the fact that Kiros birds had purple and blue feathers instead of gold and brown.[2]

Convorees were sneaky birds[14] and in the jungles of Wasskah they worked in pairs to fend off predators such as momongs, lifting those animals into the air together and then dropping them from the treetops.[2] The convoree themselves fed mostly on insects and small rodents.[4]

Phoenixes appear in A Bird in the Hoof, Dragon Quest, and Molt Down. In A Bird in the Hoof, Princess Celestia's pet is revealed to be Philomena, a phoenix. Philomena appears to be very sick, losing her few remaining feathers, persistently coughing, and being unresponsive to Fluttershy's numerous treatments. After chasing an evasive Philomena through the streets of Ponyville, Fluttershy witnesses Philomena burst into flames, but Princess Celestia explains that phoenixes need to renew themselves by shedding all of their feathers and bursting into flames. The renewed Philomena is bright red with golden-lined wings, and complies with Rainbow Dash's whispered request to tickle the Royal guards. The two even "high-five" at the end. In Dragon Quest, two phoenix parents defend themselves and their hatchlings against a gang of teenage dragons. During this skirmish Spike is able to rescue one of the unhatched phoenix eggs from the teenage dragons, and briefly ends up caring for the newly hatched baby phoenix, naming him Peewee. A series of pictures panned over in Just for Sidekicks shows Spike returning the baby phoenix to the two adults. In Molt Down, Zecora tells Rarity, who is hard of hearing, that prolonged exposure to phoenix feathers can cause hearing loss to a pony.

After Rainbow Dash dodges all of the eels with relative ease, the other animals try to make it through: the bat is almost swallowed by one of the eels but manages to escape out of the creature's nostril. The eagle almost has its head bitten off by another eel. The owl props open a third eel's jaws with its wings, and the falcon gets its tail feathers bitten by a fourth eel but manages to escape the eel's grip.

Rocs appear in Molt Down, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #24, The Curse of the Statuettes, and The Bestiary of Equestria. They are very large, carnivorous birds of prey that are drawn to the smell of a dragon's molt. In Molt Down, a roc menaces Spike, Zecora, and Rarity in the Everfree Forest before Twilight Sparkle and Spike eventually drive it off. 041b061a72


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