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Ethan Scott

Sequence Game Board Pdf Free ((TOP))

NOTE: There are printed chips in the four corners of the game board. All players must use them as though their color marker chip is in the corner. When using a corner, only four of your marker chips are needed to complete a Sequence. More than one player may use the same corner as part of a Sequence.

sequence game board pdf free

Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and moving in a clockwise direction, each player selects a card of their choice from their hand and places it face up on a discard pile (players should start their own discard pile in front of them visible to all other players) and then places one of their marker chips on the matching card on the game board. Each card is pictured twice on the game board. Jacks do not appear on the game board. A player can play on either one of the card spaces as long as it is not already covered by another marker chip. Once a marker chip has been played, it cannot be removed by an opponent except when using a one-eyed Jack as explained below.

There are 8 Jacks in the card deck. The 4 Jacks with TWO EYES are wild. To play a two-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and place one of your marker chips on any open space on the game board. The 4 jacks with ONE EYE are anti-wild. To play a one-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and remove one marker chip from the game board belonging to your opponent. That completes your turn. You cannot place one of your marker chips on that same space during this turn. You cannot remove a marker chip that is already part of a completed SEQUENCE. Once a SEQUENCE is achieved by a player or a team, it cannot be broken. You may play either one of the Jacks whenever they work best for your strategy, during your turn.

If you hold a card in your hand which does not have an open space on the game board because both spaces representing that card are covered by a marker chip, you are holding a DEAD CARD and you may turn it in for a new card. When it is your turn, place the dead card on your discard pile, announce that you are turning in a Dead Card and take a replacement card (one card per turn). You then proceed to play your normal turn.

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Before you begin, lay the board out in front of all the players. Each player or team should choose one color of chips. Players should cut the deck, with the lowest card going first. Aces are high. The dealer will deal out the same number of cards to each player. In the case of two players, each player gets 7 cards. In the case of two teams, each player gets 6 cards. The remaining cards form the draw pile to use through the game.

Your turn will consist of four steps. First, select a card from your hand that is vacant on the board. Second, discard this chosen card face up in the pile. Third, place one of your colored chips on the matching space on the game board. Last, draw a new card from the deck. Once you have taken your turn, you must remember to take a card from the deck. In the sequence game rules it states that if you fail to take a card before the next player takes their turn you lose the right to draw a new card and must finish the game with less cards.

The game board has four special spaces. One in each corner. These spaces are bonus spaces. When using a corner only four additional cards are necessary to complete a sequence. More than one player can use the same corner space. For example: it can be used in both a horizontal sequence for one team and a diagonal sequence for another.

The other four jacks have one eye. These jacks remove a chip from the board. Only chips that are not part of a completed sequence may be removed from the board. Place the jack in the discard pile and remove the chip of your choice.

To win you must complete two sequence strands. A sequence is achieved when you have a row of five chips of the same color. This can occur in any direction, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You may use any one of the spaces from one sequence in the second sequence. Or, they may be anywhere else on the board.

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