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Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas

Dvd Full Concierto Kumbia Kings BEST

despite its aged image, los kumbia kings eventually regrouped again to record the full-length kumbia kings vibes (2003), which featured a new lead singer, cesar lozano. cesar had previously sung for menudo, and had grown up watching and loving the group. he stepped in after pee wee left the group in 1999, and consequently became a permanent part of the group. he would later be replaced by carlo montagner, but cesar remained the lead vocalist.

Dvd Full Concierto Kumbia Kings

the following year, 2008, saw the appearance of a new kumbia kings album, cantos. the first single, malinche (my love), was a collaboration with juan gabriel, who had previously recorded with los kumbia kings. the album was a shift from the group's typical pop-oriented fare, and instead featured boleros, a genre of music some fans found rather odd. but after the album's success, another album, el que no vive vol. 2, was quickly released to keep fans happy.

then came two eps in 2010: chica mujer (tallulah) and la fea del amor (the ugly one from love), the latter of which was co-written by carmen velasquez, who was kumbia kings's original lead vocalist. the following year, the two albums that were previously the only official releases were combined into an album titled imperfecta (2012), which was the first album in several years that did not feature pee wee. it featured a number of guest features, including a duet with former lead vocalist, cesar. the group's continued popularity was also illustrated in the following year's la luz del sol (2013), which featured a new lead singer, david mora.


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