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Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas

Descargar Serie Prison Break (2005)

Snake Eyes emerges from hiding to apparently join Cobra, though he is in fact acting as a deep-cover operative for G.I. Joe. The Iron Klaw After breaking Destro out of a maximum security prison transport, Snake Eyes is tasked with hunting down Billy Kessler-Latta for a pin in his leg, secretly encoded with data; he manages to do so with the help of Erika Le Tene, but allows Billy to go free after a battle with Storm Shadow, instead giving Destro a fake pin. Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra

Descargar serie Prison Break (2005)

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With fighting breaking out in the city streets, Onyx boards his skiff to return to the Nemesis; meanwhile, Devastator forms to forcibly "rescue" Starscream from prison, while Metrotitan travels from Earth to Cybertron and submits to the command of the "chosen one", firing on Onyx's vessel. As the situation gets further out of control, Metrotitan refuses to obey Optimus's orders to stand down and fires on him and Windblade, sending Optimus falling to the ground; Onyx catches him aboard the skiff and has the Nemesis return fire, knocking Metrotitan to the ground. After subduing the furious Optimus, Onyx tears his "face" off, revealing his true identity as Shockwave. The Ground 041b061a72


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