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Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott

Tacx Trainer Software 4 0 Crack Added ^HOT^

Tacx deprecated TTS4 in 2019 as they moved to their cloud-based RLV trainer software, TDA. While TDA offers some great features and superb video experiences, TTS4 still provides some value for those who had built up extensive libraries of videos, use the local-LAN multiplayer features and Zwift-like VR worlds.

Tacx Trainer Software 4 0 Crack Added

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As of January 1st, 2020, the ability to unlock Tacx trainer software 4 ended. This software will operate as normal after this date; however, in the event that it needs to be installed again, you will not be able to do so.

Most older Tacx trainers that connect to the TTS4 software can only communicate to a computer via ANT+ technology. If a Tacx Smart Trainer is both ANT+ and Bluetooth capable, then it was compatible with TTS4 and is also compatible with the Tacx Training App and Tacx Desktop app. Download the Tacx Training and Desktop apps for use with your Bluetooth compatible trainer.

It should be noted that both the trainer (aka brake) and the head unit have firmware that can be frequently updated. I participated briefly in a beta program for firmware for both units, prior to it being released over the past few weeks. Tacx does frequently update both the firmware and the software, introducing new features and fixing bugs.

how does the unit handle cadence measurement? also, the genius model description on the tacx website makes reference to left/right power differential with their cadence device, probably similar to spinscan on the computrainer

Other then the wifi the other features sound very software based do they not? A better erg ramp and a odometer sounds like something that could have just been a software update and not a selling point on a new trainer.

When looking at the competitive marketplace in this category, the Tacx Genius is priced slightly high (in comparison to other high end trainers). And even higher once you add in many of the individual costs (such as the annual Google Earth costs). Additionally, the lack of openness in the platform today makes it less appealing long term and companies are shifting towards providing a more open platform (for example, the Wahoo KICKR, and resent statements from CycleOps around adopting the same control platform for their trainer). But their software package as a whole is the most complete in the industry, and the most advanced out there.

While personally I rarely had any of the software issues in connecting Ray has had, I have noted several similar in the tacx forum posts, but I found my own to be fine. My own tip here is to make triple sure your computer has the ooomph in it to power the software.

Our initial idea was to train and race with friends from remote during wintertime. Well, we nearly never did that. Not because we didnt take the time. But it is not easy to get ready to a certain point of time. You have to prepare yourself and your bike nearly like you do for an outdoor session. Plus you have to get connected to the computer, get the software working, have the licenses accepted and be lucky that the tacx multiplayer server is available with full functionality. We hardly never got all this going together. If, by chance, we really started a race in multiplayer mode it never worked like we expected it to work. There are a lot of settings you can vary with tremendous influence on your performance. 35 mph avarage speed or 20mph top speed on a road can be the effect if you, by chance or intentionally, calibrate or adjust wrongly. Additionaly, a lot of evenings in December the multiplayer servers werent working properly. So we gave up the multiplayer thing.

I already listed my PITAs earlier in the thread. Since then I gave another chance to Tacx and paid for Google licence. But Street View does not work. I checked both TTS3 and TTS4 forum on The only difference between the users of the two software versions that TTS4 users at least heard some rumors that it would be fixed in 4.7, while TTS3 users gave up saying that Tacx was focusing only on TTS4.

Hi, very good review thanks, I bought my Tacx I-Genius last september and it has been working so nicely, no problems what so ever, i have been using it almost every day in the cold winter in Montréal. I have bought some Tacx film, but mostly i have been creating routes with the google licence, it is very amazing, also i was able to download my last summer rides that i have done and save with Endomondo apps on my Samsung Galaxy, so all the rides i have done are now on my tacx trainer, so i could chose so many different rides to train all winter long. 45min. to an hour a day of Tacx trainer with always a different scenery, best of all is the analyser in the software, you are able to see the ameliorations of your training with the watss per kg, of each training. Very Good trainer.

Well I have a Fortius Multiplayer trainer and am now on my 3rd brake unit which itself has now broken. I am beginning to feel paranoid I have only just upgraded the software and purchased the google licence and will now have to wait ages for a new brake unit. Does anyone know of better Turbo trainers I am fed up with Tacx


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