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Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott

Good Bath Towels To Buy [BETTER]

The Sheridan ribbed towels are, without a doubt, among the best we've tested. They are super absorbent and they can dry your body fast thanks to their ribbed texture. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are weighty and thick, thanks to their 670GSM.

good bath towels to buy

These ultra-soft towels from Scooms might just be the perfect buy if you are looking for something that's super soft on your skin once you've taken a steaming hot dip in the tub. Coming in at a generous 720GSM, they are nice and thick as well as sizeable in the bath sheet option. These are the ultimate comfortable towel, and they come in pairs and bundles too, so that you can stock your bathroom with luxury.

TestingWhen testing these towels, we initially noticed how soft and fluffy they are and even after washing, they've still managed to retain their softness. Hang them to dry naturally and tumble dry them for 10 minutes or so before folding away for the best results, otherwise, they are the perfect balance of soft, fluffy and absorbent. They're definitely sizeable enough for most people, plus they have a hook for hanging to dry after use. These towels arrive in plastic-free packaging, which is another reason why we love them so much. They're tied with a material ribbon that can be reused and delivered in a recyclable box. If you are simply searching for the fluffiest towels around, then these ones from Scooms are your best bet.

This bath towel range from DUSK truly is impressive. So much so that we rate them the best towels if you want luxury but are on a budget, mostly because they feel like they could melt in your hands since they are so soft. Made from 100% cotton and 500GSM, they're a combination of lightweight and quick drying. Choose from three stylish colourways and use them to also add texture to your bathroom shelves.

TestingWe recommend buying these towels in the bath sheet size as the bath towels come up a tad small. When testing, we noted that these towels come out nice and impressively fluffy when tumble dried. They're not as great at absorbing water as our first pick, the Sheridan ribbed towel, but bearing in mind the price difference they are a brilliant budget-friendly alternative. After one year of use, they've stood the test of time in our busy bathroom, not to mention they are showing absolutely no signs of wear. We're forever recommending them to family and friends, especially since there's usually a sale on at DUSK. Buy a few of the hand towels to wow guests who aren't staying overnight.

TestingThese thick and weighty towels from Beddable definitely passed our testing as we've been using them at home for a good few months now with zero complaints. They're definitely big enough to get you dry fast, plus their ribbed texture makes this an easy job. We think they are the perfect combination of soft and rough as they feel lovely yet they still manage to do their job of getting you dry. One thing to note, though, is that they are heavy in case you are looking for something lightweight. We think they scream luxury, although the only thing they've not got is a hook for hanging!

We found these towels to be generous in size, and in particular, our reviewer noted that the bath sheet is perfect for their plus-size body. We've had these towels at home in our family bathroom for several years, in the baby pink colour, and guests have even noted to us how comfortable they are when using them. Moreover, their colour hasn't faded one bit, and they feel as luxurious as they look. An investment that you won't regret.

If it's something organic that you are searching for, then we rate these to be the best organic bath towels around. Not only are they made of 100% organic cotton, but they are fair trade certified and sourced from producers in India. They are GOTS (Global Textile Standard) certified and they come in 4 sizes, with the bath towel size being our go-to. Choose from 7 colourways.

TestingAfter testing these organic bath towels for more than 6 months, we can note that they wash well and they're super soft. Their lower GSM is great for ensuring they dry fast after use. They're super absorbent so you can use them several times before needing to wash them. We tumble dry these towels and they come out of the wash nice and fluffy.

These luxury spa-like towels are made from an incredibly high 700GSM twisted Egyptian cotton Terry, which feels super-soft and generously plush to the touch. Their heavyweight design helps to make you feel reassuringly enveloped in complete comfort. In the brand's signature crisp white, these towels will help to add a posh hotel feel to any bathroom. The clean white design features a detailed simple border, to add just a hint of interest without the need for more. Doing what The White Company does best, these towels help make an everyday home accessory feel a little bit more luxurious.

We're yet to get our hands on this Amazon bath towel to test it in use, however, we are confident that it's a great choice due to the sheer volume of reviews you can read about the towel online. Almost 20,000 Amazon shoppers have bought (and loved) this towel, with it having a 4.6-star rating out of 5. A very small amount of people totalling 9% of reviewers rated this towel 3 stars or less, with the remaining 91% rating it 4 to 5 stars. We're working to get our hands on these towels so that we can give you our true opinion soon.

You can't beat the 'Cashmere of cotton' for a truly luxurious feeling for bathtimes and showers. These 750gsm towels feel indulgent and cosy whilst boasting high-performance absorbency, for complete post-bath heaven. The range is available in 6 versatile colour choices of white, mid-grey, smoke stone dark teal and aubergine.

Whilst we are yet to get our hands on one of these towels to test it at home, we have been speaking with Soak&Sleep about them so that you can buy rest assured they're of good quality. Sarah Smith, Head of Buying & Merchandising at Soak&Sleep "The exceptionally high standard of Supmina fibres used for this range are used to create towels with amazing softness and supreme durability". Moreover, we also chose to feature these towels in this guide due to their 4.8-star rating on the Soak&Sleep website. Several customers have commented on how fluffy these towels are, claiming they are of excellent quality and nice and thick.

Use the arrows below to sift through a selection of affordable bath towels or bath towels that are on sale right now. Click the 'VIEW' button to go straight to the retailer to read more information about this bath towel.

Supima cotton is known as the 'cashmere of cotton' to quote Sarah Smith, Head of Buying at Soak&Sleep, and for good reason! Grown only in the USA to exceptionally high standards, the fibres are longer and stronger than any other kind of cotton. They are therefore the most expensive towels, so consider them as a long term investment.

Egyptian cotton towels are a good alternative to costly Supima towels. They are super soft, durable and highly absorbent thanks to the long, thick loops. These towels are only slightly less luxurious and this is reflected in their price.

Standard towels are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore less absorbent and are of a lesser quality than cotton towels. However, they are low-cost and are ideal if you're planning to change them frequently.

Consider what combination of towels you need and whether you want a matching set. Towel bales are cost-effective sets that usually offer 2 face cloths, two hand towels and two bath towels. If you want larger bath sheets you'll have to buy individual towels.

You should aim to allocate each member of the family two bath sheets and two bath towels, so they always have a clean one when one is in the wash. Hand towels can be limited to one per bathroom, and of course, always have plenty of spare towels of all sizes for guests.

Egyptian cottonEgyptian cotton towels offer supreme quality and performance. Long, fine fibres of cotton help to create towels that offer high absorbency, durability and a super-soft touch. Egyptian cotton is an ideal towel choice if you prefer a heavier weight for your towels.

1. Wash thoroughly'Always wash towels before first use so they are thoroughly clean.' recommends Julia Galloway, Design Manager, Christy Towels, 'Don't overload the machine, towels need plenty of space and water to effectively soak.'

2. Condition"To maintain the best results wash after wash we recommend using no fabric conditioner with your towels as over time the conditioner builds up in the fibres and reduces absorbency and softness" advises Sarah Smith, Head of Buying & Merchandising at Soak&Sleep.

3. DryThis one will depend on the towel specifically, and your living situation. If you can, put your towels out on the line to dry to give them extra freshness. Though we always recommend putting them into a tumble dryer for 10 mins to make them fluffy before folding and putting them away. Don't iron towels as this can make them stiff and scratchy and also make them less absorbent.

A total of 6 bath towels out of 10 in this guide have been included because we have reviewed them, so we have based our opinion on hands-on experience. Otherwise, the bath towels that are in this guide without a badge have been included due to positive customer reviews only. In this case, we are yet to test these bath towels but rest assured they are on our radar to test in the near future.

Whilst testing the bath towels, we've been sure to note everything from how soft they are to their size and their durability. We've also been sure to check that the towels wash well before recommending them. Plus, we made sure to consider each one's material and price to determine what each towel is best for.

We tested everything from the best organic bath towel to the best budget bath towel, so that you can buy online rest assured you're getting the best value for money, and that you're buying the best product out there. Click here to find out more about how we review products at Ideal Home. 041b061a72


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