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Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas

Scrapebox 2 0 Cracked Wheats

This is really epic information & very very useful. I have been personally using scrapebox from past few months for finding dead domains. I feel this too very useful for finding such domains. I started with this post is explaining about how to use scrapebox for finding dead domain.

Scrapebox 2 0 Cracked Wheats


Hi Jacob,It was nice to read entire article on scrapebox. I have a SENUKEXCR tool to use. But as per discussion over the internet, I found SENUKE will ruin my IP and domain image in the long run infront of major search engine so i was looking for a white hat method like scrapebook.I would like to understand what will be the exact budget that I need to show my organization for this software including major plugins required?

Great article. I downloaded scrapebox and got harvester but now I am confused how I can build links. Do I have to send mail to webmaster and asking to allow build the link or there an automatic method.

Very good guide, i hope to create something like this in the future lol, just getting into seo and scrapebox was the first place i was gonna start, can anyone recommend xrumer ? just i know it is supposed to be a big learning curve ?


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